Open New Personal Accounts

 Monroe Savings Bank is excited to offer a product which allows Existing as well as New Customers to open a New Account with our bank.

The products that we are currently offering are as follows:

Checking Accounts

  • $250.00 to open account, avoid a monthly fee and earn interest
  • Monthly minimum balance fee if the daily balance drops below $250.00 is $ 7.00
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Can be linked to a Debit Card
  • No Charge for Seniors (55 years of age)

Statement Savings

  • $100.00 to open account
  • Monthly minimum balance fee if the daily balance drops below $100.00 is $ 5.00
  • No Charge for Minors(21 & under) or Seniors (55 or older)
  • Limited to 6 transfers or withdrawals via ACH debits, POS Debits, Internet banking and telephone transfers a month

Certificates of Deposit

  • The account will automatically renew at maturity for the current market
  • You will have ten (10) calendar days from the maturity date to withdraw your funds without being charged a penalty
  • No additional deposits or withdrawals are allowed other than earnings from this account until the maturity date
  • If any of the deposit is withdrawn before the maturity date, a penalty will be imposed which could result in partial loss of principal
  • Minimum Deposit $500 to open a Certificate of Deposit 

Open a New Account

Existing Customers who would like to open one of the above accounts simply log into your on-line banking. Once you have logged in on the bottom of the first page that displays all your accounts you will see the following…………   

                                      +  Open a New Account    -  Click on and proceed to open your desired account


New Customers - simply click the OPEN YOUR NEW ACCOUNT Link below to begin the process. Once completed follow the instructions and become part of our family


Fund New Account: To fund the new account simply mail in or drop off at either of our offices the signed signature card and the funds you would like to place in the new account.  


 Open Your New Account

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